Organised online video gaming competitions between professional players or teams.

Innovation in the
eSports Betting Market

Videre eSports Corp is a unique eSports betting platform headquartered in Vancouver, Canada focused on the rapidly growing eSports betting sector. Videre eSports powers a complete betting and content platform for eSports with unique proprietary IP and cutting-edge technology set to take the eSports betting sector by storm.

Providing streaming content, statistics, odds and betting all in one place, Videre eSports enables users to access all the relevant information and content and to complete their bets, driving high user engagement levels.

The Videre team has over 20 years’ experience of sports content and betting platforms and a very strong focus on a complete and seamless user experience.

A Seamless
Betting Experience

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The Rise of eSports

eSports is a rapidly growing global phenomenon and has exploded in recent years to unprecedented levels.

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A Rapidly-Growing Market

The potential revenues from the betting market around eSports far surpass its regular revenues.

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